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Who is PeggyLee Hanson

PeggyLee Hanson, Award-Winning International Bestselling Author, Publisher, and Speaker, has over thirty years’ experience in all aspects of writing and publishing, including ghostwriting, instructional design, procedural and technical manual development, making her vast knowledge and expertise in demand as an often-asked-for commodity. She has published 30+ books and double that number of authors.

She is the author and creator of the International bestselling and acclaimed multi-authored series, Courage Under Siege (Volumes 1-6, with # debuting June 2021). PeggyLee has also been featured, quoted, and acknowledged in other authors’ works; even her photo was used on a cover of one!

PeggyLee is the CEO and Founder of Courageous Women Publications™, a one-stop shop for all your writing and self-publishing needs. We make your tell-all easy to tell all.

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What is so special about working with PeggyLee?

As a coach and mentor, PeggyLee can bring the gazillion thoughts spinning out of control in your head and get them organized on paper or inside a digital document.
From her vast life and business experience, she can also assist you to thrive through a life-changing event, share your wisdom, or create a workshop specific to your audience. PeggyLee has written, published, been quoted in books, and appeared on the front cover of other people’s books – the count has surpassed 40.

There are several reasons to choose PeggyLee over other publishers. Most publishers publish books.


  • She published authors. she works closely with each author to ensure their work is represented and presented to the reader as they desire.
  • With over 30 years’ experience in writing and editing content for all sorts of publications – from procedural manuals to workbooks — she has the eye and knowledge for detail. PeggyLee also acquired and tapped into her intuitive forces to see the best cover for the material. At times, this has come from pure and divine inspiration, making it a win-win for all involved.
  • With most publishers, authors don’t possess a life coaching certification, who can assist when the author is feeling incapable or not good enough or not knowing the right wording to get a point across. PeggyLee not only has that, but is also certified as a Business Book Ghostwriter, excelling in capturing the words and flavor of the author, so that the reader knows it is the author who is actually telling the story or sharing a process.

“Many of her authors come back to publish their next books with her because of the good experience. They feel heard, nourished, and above all, respected. ”

PeggyLee Hanson
Author, Publisher, Speaker

What is her approach?

Tell your story


As a first-time or subsequent author, you may have an idea of what your topic and message are—or perhaps, not so much. It’s important that you heard and acknowledged either way. PeggyLee allows you to fully share vision, even if it’s a bit cloudy

Become an author

Ask Questions

Your editor/publisher having an inquisitive mind is essential in pulling out details that you have in mind. PeggyLee will ask clarifying questions to gain full understanding of your book, even if you don’t quite see it for yourself ye

Publish your book

Offer Solutions

There can often be many ways to create one project. With PeggyLee’s vast knowledge and expertise with book writing and design, she will provide suggestions that meet your needs, where one of them will be the perfect solution.

Why should you work with PeggyLee?

PeggyLee helps women leaders & entrepreneurs, tell a story and become authors & authority figures. New authors who want to write a book, tell their story can become authority figure in their domain without any prior authoring or publishing experience. Become experts, get recognized, increase your brand value and net worth or just tell a story.


Easy to work with

Most book writers begin as a novice, not knowing what to expect. PeggyLee takes time to walk you through and explain all the steps. “She is so supportive and calm, and there every step of the way. Her processes are very user-friendly.


Has vast expertise

Writing a book takes more than the technical skill itself. There is design involved. PeggyLee has decades of experience to know what will work best for your audience. “Anyone wishing to write a book should connect with her.


Cares about you

Sharing your wisdom, expertise or strategy can be overwhelming. PeggyLee holds you up during the process so that you and your words shine through. She “brought my vision to life exactly of how I envisioned it would look like!


3rd place in The BookFest Spring 2024 ceremony

Courageous Women Publications

PeggyLee is the CEO and Founder of Courageous Women Publications™, a one-stop-shop for all your writing and self-publishing needs.

Women have a rich history and also a courageously rich future. As a woman of today, you have the power to pass along to other women across the aisle (and ocean) from you—plus down to future generations—the knowledge, tools, and wisdom that will lead to their success. Dare I ask if it is your responsibility? I believe it is—just as it is my responsibility to share what I know with you and get the words of your wisdom out and into the world.
Courageous Women Publications was created through Divine Inspiration. Although the business of helping new writers become first-time published authors has been up and running for over a year now, the service wanted to be named. In one of those power-shower moments (you know, when a brilliant idea—in addition to the water—washes all over your body?), the name struck like a bolt of lightning. The electricity and energy received in that moment has remained strong and vibrant.
The vision of Courageous Women Publications is that even the most ordinary woman realizes she has a message to share while in the physical world, fulfilling a purpose newly discovered. The very problem you may be experiencing—yes, that really BIG one—actually might just be the catalyst toward having freedom in finances, relationships, overall happiness, and with life, in general.

If you would like to explore the possibility of writing your own book of wisdom, please contact PeggyLee Hanson.

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