Interior Book Design - Certification


Congratulations to you on getting to this point in the Course Certification process!

 Below are the materials you will need for the certification.
They are: 3 chapters and the parameters for the book.

The parameters for the book is 5 x 8 inches. It is 186 pages. It will be printed as color on white paper with no bleed. 

Use the INDD template that was emailed to you. The file cannot be uploaded here (unacceptable type). 


You are to create a mock-up style book for print using Adobe InDesign using the above elements. 

The mock-up will include:

• Title Page

• Copyright Page

• Table of Contents

• Chapters

•About the Author

For the wrapper:

You are to create the dimensions using the specifications above. You may take a screen shot of your work. 

When ready to submit:

Email the files as a PDF to 

You will have until the end of November to complete the process. 

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